The Very First “Gallous Lad” Blog Post

Sitting down to write my first blog Gallous Lad blog post is a bit of a surreal feeling.

Any blogs first post feels like it should be something epic. It is a momentous occasion after all…

This post is the one new readers gained down the line will always go back to – with the “I wonder what the blog was like when it first started?” curiosity…or maybe I am alone in these bizarre idiosyncrasies.

With all this swirling around in my mind – I decided to consult the blogging experts.

So what do the experts say you should include in your debut blog post?
1 – Who you are?

2 – Why you are blogging?

3 – What will you be blogging about?


^ Well this is clearly what I have already used the “ABOUT” section for … so I won’t be doing that.

I think for my first post I’d like to set a precedent – do something a little different and unexpected.

My first blog post will be used to direct you to OTHER blogs. Mental? Probably.

I want to highlight some of the people who have inspired me to start a blog in the first place.


Adam Gallacher (or “Galla”) –

Adam Gallagher is the founder and mastermind behind the highly-popular blog I AM GALLA, which aids the men’s demographic with styling tips, trend forecasts and third party inspiration. In the menswear world, Gallagher stands out due to his exceptional ability to blend his native California aesthetic with a sharp New York approach to fashion.
Justin Livingston –

Scout Sixteen is a New York-based lifestyle blog covering style, home, and travel from the desk of editor Justin Livingston. With an original voice and unique perspective, Scout Sixteen is a forest of inspiration and a place of daily discovery. Every day is an opportunity to explore a life built around style… let Scout Sixteen be your guidebook.

Justin is a creative consultant and freelance writer with a focus on fashion and travel. His passion for style was born in Mississippi and bred in New York City, where he currently resides. Justin spends his days scouting out new discoveries for readers of his lifestyle blog, Scout Sixteen. He has three main loves: whiskey, good times, and french bulldogs.


Johnny Ward –

Johnny Ward is a Generation Y Irish guy who just knew that there was more to life than a 40+ hour work week, a bland social calendar and a 2 week break in the sun each year.  Now he works 10-20 hour weeks from his laptop anywhere on the planet, whilst on a full-time journey to travel to every country in the world. He is a huge advocate of lifestyle design and has redesigned his lifestyle to allow him to follow his dreams.

Josh Johnson –

A southern boy at heart with a love for bourbon and beer, fashion and food, and sharing stories and experiences with his incredible readers. The Kentucky Gent started as a way to show the world that Southern boys have style too. Since the site’s inception it has expanded into a fully-fledged men’s life and style blog; consider it the worldwide web’s “Gateway to the South” with passions for fashion, food, grooming, and travel.

I hope that some of these guys can help improve your style and life…and inspire you the way they have me.
And with that – the epic first post is now complete … christ – it’s awfully text heavy eh?

Peace out,



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