10 Essential Menswear Items for Autumn 2015

The time we dread all summer has come to pass for another year.

The sun is reverting back into hiding and the Autumn is driving full speed towards us.

From this point forth gentlemen – it’s only going to get colder and colder.

However, this doesn’t have to be entirely bad news!
With this cold comes the ability to mix up your daily outfits and begin to incorporate outerwear more and more. Gone are the days of t-shirts and shorts, but in comes warm jackets and textured layers.

So let’s have a look at the 10 essential items what we should ALL have in our wardrobe this Autumn…



1) Quilted Jacket

First on the list is definitely the reliable Quilted Jacket.

The reason this item jumps to the top of the list is the overall versatility of the item. The Quilted Jacket has the uncanny ability of being just as at home being paired with a shirt and tie combination as it is with a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

The jacket can be a great item on those cold winter mornings as you try to wake yourself up on your daily commute to work – or that jacket you so desperately need at 1am when you are thrown from a closed pub.

For a good balance between quality and price, I highly recommend you look into the Barbour range linked to the photo below:




2) Thick Knitted Jumper

A thick piece of knitwear is somewhat of a necessity over the next few months to keep you warm and comfortable in the winter winds. With “oversized” items currently being still very much on trend, rocking a thick oversized piece of knitwear will definitely turn heads on any streets.

However, as with all things oversized, occasion is very much a factor on where this item will be appropriate. Keep that in mind.

Keep it to the casual occasions and avoid wearing in the office and interview … unless you work in arts then it will probably be to your advantage!

For recommendations, I like Topman’s current collection of thick knit’s … have a look:



3) Premium Pair of Boots

A solid pair of boots are viewed as essential to a man’s wardrobe at all times of the year, but the durable and versatile footwear really comes in to its own during the autumn/winter months.

Picking the right pair of boots ensures that you can keep your socks dry while still looking excellent.

From this year’s range I suggest this Dune pair currently on SALE at House of Frasers:




4) Checked Flannel Shirt

The check flannel shirt  has been a mainstay in fashion design for many years. The old “lumberjack look” as some may call it. From the highs of the grunge years they have cemented their place as a wardrobe essential for any man.

For me, the flannel shirt is best teamed with some heavy duty boots (such as these ones above ^) and a darker pair of jeans. It is a flawless, easy and time-tested look. Make sure you have the necessary equipment to pull it off!

I recommend Uniqlo be your first port of call for Check Flannel Shirt … a great variety of style while maintaining an excellent quality/price ratio:


5) Tweed Blazer

Very similarly to the quilted jacket, this item is golden due to the versatility of its uses.

Shirt and tie or trainers and hoodie, both looks are instantly improved by the presence of Tweed on top.

I will mention that with this item more than some others on this list – it is ESSENTIAL that you get the fit right. An ill fitting blazer is one of the worst mistakes a man can make when it comes to style. Go to the tailor if you are not sure; let the professionals keep you in the right.

Debenham’s offers a strong range of Tweed Blazers with up to 70% off at the moment:




6) Shawl Cardigan

The Shawl Cardigan offers a different look from the ordinary cardigan and is perfect for layering in the autumn/winter months. Two staple looks include wearing the Shawl over a roll neck shirt – and the tshirt, shawl and tweed blazer look. Both are easy to create and easy to pull off.

The main selling point behind the Shawl Cardigan is that is offers a look which radiates class with zero effort. For the 2015 autumn winter season I recommend you have a look at this effort from Forever 21:




7) Peacoat

My peacoat is by far one of the favourite items in my personal wardrobe.

The versatility of style means that the peacoat can be worn to almost every occasion. A good peacoat fits just as well over a suit as it does over a plain black tshirt and jeans.

For the most use out of your peacoat – ensure to keep the colour as muted as possible. A good black or grey will almost always keep you in the right.

I recommend you have a look at this number from Superdry:




8) Gilet

The Gilet has made an undeniable resurgence over the last few years and the popularity of a gilet with the modern crowd is at an all time high. Who can take credit for this sudden change of public opinion is unclear; however, football managers up and down the country will no doubt have a wry smile to themselves. Take a bow lads.

The gilet is the perfect weapon against the unpredictability of autumn weather.

Too warm for a jacket but not convinced it shall stay that way? Its gilet time.

With the ability to be utilised as either a middle and top layer, the gilet’s main attraction is its ability to keep you warm without adding unnecessary bulk or uncomfort.

There are many great styles on offer at House of Fraser; however, for me – the more simplistic the gilet the better:


9) High Quality Scarf

I am going to cheat here slightly and say that ideally…you need two scarves!

Preferably, you will own a heavy duty scarf to see your neck through the very cold winter nights; however, you will also need a lightweight scarf to simply take the edge off of the growing autumn breeze.

In terms of lightweight scarves, you can see some great designs up and down the high street. Although my personal favorite collection of the current season is in Zara. I especially recommend this beauty:


10) Sunglasses

Sunglasses in winter? That’s ridiculous. That’s the view of some of the people I have helped with their style previously. Its important to state now in a bold fashion that: SUNGLASSES IN WINTER IS NOT MENTAL.

Google it, all your favourite fashion police will agree.

“The main purpose of sunglasses is to protect your eyes from UV light and make you look excellent” Gallous Lad

I would just like to highlight that both heat and temperature play no part in this excellent description above. It’s all about protection from light … light which is still very much prevalent throughout the Autumn and Winter months.

For Winter sunglasses, there are some rules you should follow though. I would generally avoid bright colours – stick to black if possible. For a good balance of quality and price, I suggest these Ray Bans:



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