Ted Baker: My Ten Highlights of the A/W15 Arrivals

With the end of summer, comes the regular fashion launch parties …and lighter wallets.

It’s very easy to fall into the habit of bulk buying as each of your favourite brands launches their new collection.

However, as always, Gallous is here to help!

…with the Ted Baker collection anyway.

Below is my Ten Highlights from the 2015 Ted Baker A/W collection.


1. OSSAIN: Herringbone Wool Blend Peacoat

Go up against the elements with this stunning woolen beauty.

The beautiful aesthetics mixed with Ted Baker’s perfect cut make this a must-have for me.



2. RINKO: Wool and Cashmere Blend Roll Neck

Roll neck’s have recieved a massive boost in popularity over the last few years and are now one of the wardrobe must-have’s for every man in the Autumn/Winter seasons.

I’d pair this with a lightweight blazer for an easy, but great, winter look.



3. MYWAI: Woven Cotten-Blend Waistcoat 

How to feel extra confident in a business meeting? … be the best dressed man in the room.

How to do you do that? A high quality, well fitting, waistcoat is always a good place to start.



4. BATTON: Striped Webbing Holdall 

The first accessory to make the list.

As a man who travels regularly, a good holdall is essential to me. I need something that is large enough to fit a few days worth of clothes in … but also small enough to not be cumbersome and unwieldy.

…oh – and it also has to fit on a plane as hand-luggage!

It’s a tough ask…but this BATTON effort from Ted Baker ticks all of my boxes



5. GENTELJ: Debonair Check Wool Jacket

We move back to the boardroom with for this jacket.

It’s easy to get into a habit or purchasing cheaper options for your workplace. However, I cannot stress the role that clothing plays in a mans confidence…and it’s confidence that regularly gets the deal done.

This beautiful and subtly checked blazer will keep you on the straight and narrow.


6. UPROAD: Compact Printed Umbrella

You should always be prepared to do battle with the elements. Therefore, you wan’t an umbrella which is strong and sturdy, but small enough to fit into any bag or briefcase.

Step forward this little essential piece of magic.

Trust me, I’m from Scotland – we are rain experts.


7. ARION: Checked Wool Peacoat

Another peacoat!

Sorry guys – but Peacoats are an essential menswear  winter item and I have a borderline obsession with them when they are produced correctly.

The ARION is right on trend for 2015; adorned with large scale checks and is trimmed with a super-soft shearling collar.



8. LONMAUL: Circle Print Shirt

They say it all themselves:

“Don’t go around in circles finding your new favourite shirt – Ted’s done the hard part for you.”



9. PATSON: Woven Contrast Flat Cap

This wool-blend flat cap is a dapper choice for keeping winter winds at bay. Wear this timeless style with a patterned jacket and charcoal scarf to make a lasting impression.



10. AMILIO: Check Print Rucksack

A beautiful tartan rucksack for those casual occasions.





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