Jeremy Corbyn … A Man with Style?

Firstly…let’s address the first question anyone outside of the UK will be asking themselves as they read this:


Who the hell is Jeremy Corbyn?!

…Jeremy Corbyn is a British politician who was very recently voted the leader of a large British political party named “The Labour Party”.

I’d like to guarantee you that you do not need to know anything about Jeremy Corbyn or even British politics as a whole to enjoy this article.

Secondly,  I’d like to make an observation.

Why is it that full body length photographs of British politicians are so hard to come by??

Seriously, try it out for yourself … Google Jeremy Corbyn or David Cameron and 99% of the results will be of their FACE only!
You get to see below the shoulders if they are giving a speech…but even then it’s rare to get below the waist included in the photo…


Now that that business is out of the way – we can get down to business and address the issue at hand;


JEREMY CORBYN … does he have style?

Politicians have never been widely regarded as being a particularly fashionable group as a whole. However, there is a reason for this. It has been reported previously that the highest echelon of politicians have stated that they have “far too many decisions to make on a daily basis” and that “the last thing I want to worry about is another decision about my outfit”.

However, appearance is very linked to career progression – especially to politicians.

Politicians build careers on getting the general public to entrust them with the future of their country. Appearance is one of your biggest factors to make an impression and build that trust.
It would be awfully difficult to gain someone’s trust when you look like you could just as easily steal their wallet/purse.

I’ve been intrigued my Mr Corbyn over the last few weeks…both for his political beliefs and his overall appearance on camera.
He definitely appears to be one of these gentlemen who can look either pristine and well turned out …or as if he has just stumbled in from living on the streets. The differentiation of these two contradictory looks seems to be simply defined by the time of day that Jeremy is being filmed…

Never the less, I have kept a close eye on his appearance and I have finally come up with a decision.


Jeremy Corbyn is a man with a uniform!


Now, to be clear, by uniform I do not mean the type of uniform you see behind the cash register at the local Mcdonald’s restaurant. No no no. A man with a uniform is a man who regularly wears the same clothes as they believe it to be their best look and/or it is simple for them to pull off.

This is not necessarily a negative trait..some very inspirational men have been “uniform” guys.

For example, Steve Jobs had the Black roll-neck:


Mark Zuckerberg has his plain grey T-shirt:



Jeremy Corbyn’s uniform is significantly more aesthetically pleasing than these two examples. That’s for sure.

Jeremy opts for a pastel coloured open neck shirt with a blazer on top.

jc1 jc2 jc3

As you can see, this look CAN work very well (especially when paired with his contrasting brown satchel, hung over a single shoulder with confidence).
However, as you will also have probably spotted … Jeremy doesn’t always get the fit of his outfits quite right. This will always detract from what could be a pretty great outfit.

It’s when Jeremy steps away from his safe pastel shirt/blazer combination things can go very badly wrong for him…

jcb1 jcb2 jcb3

So … is Jeremy Corbyn a man with style?

I would say almost certainly not.

However, if he can nail the fit right, he will be looking pretty sharp in his “uniform” regularly!


…What do you guys think?


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