5 Tips to Better Understand and Organise Your Wardrobe

So it’s November …. when the hell did that happen?!

Honestly, it feels like yesterday I was singing in the bells for 2015…now I’m another year older!

It’s not all doom and gloom though – the one benefit of the November rain pouring down is that the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are rapidly approaching (November 27th).

In order to sift through the deals on offer and pick up bargains on the items you REALLY NEED you should do a little homework and gain a better understanding of your wardrobe and the essential items you are currently missing.

I’ve put together a few helpful tips to help you organise your Wardrobe in order to accommodate this incoming flux of Black Friday purchases…

1. Compartmentalise What You Already Have

I find it fascinating the significant number of men that I speak with who still have very little organisation to their wardrobe. I can’t stress enough how much organisation is essential to style.

In my own wardrobe, I have every style of clothing grouped together.
Cardigans, Shirts, Hooded Tops, Blazers ect.

The reason for this is that it allows me to keep track of what I have in my wardrobe; the types of clothes and how many of each item have. It also speeds up the process of selecting an outfit … if I fancy wearing a cardigan, they’re all there, in one place.


2. Captain Hook, At Your Service.

Have a look in your closet, is there wall/inside door space that is not going unutilised? Stick a hook on it. Multiple hooks if possible! This is a great way to maximised currently wasted space, and potentially double the available storage! This leads nicely on to number 3…


3. Hang Your Belts and Scarves

Not only does hanging your belts and scarves (on the hooks mentioned above^) save precious storage space, it also gives you the opportunity to gain a better sight of every item that you own … therefore, better utilising more of your wardrobe.
Are you beginning to see how strong wardrobe organisation can assist your style in a very cost-effective, simplistic, way?

4. Insert a Ray of Light

Wardrobes can be dark places, hidden out of the way in a corner of the room. To get the best view of the clothes on offer to you – stick a light in there!
This can be a much simpler process than many imagine – I’m not talking running wires or soldering LED lights … for me, I have an £8 camping light taped to the inside wall which has enough power to illuminate my collection. Easy.


5. The Hanger Warning System!

Ever feel like you are wearing the same clothes all the time?

Well this one is a very effective technique designed to show you exactly which of your clothes you do not wear.

STEP 1: Turn the hangers to all face the one way.

STEP 2: Once you have worn an item, turn the hanger the other way when you put your clothes back in the closet after washing.

STEP 3: After a certain amount of time (I usually use 3-months) review which direction the hangers are facing.

You’ll be able to see see what you wear a lot, and what you never touch!
It’s a great way to mix up your style and decide which of your clothes are heading for the charity shop!



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