Gallus Lad: Reborn (…but still an idiot).

It’s with great delight that I can today confirm the rumours that have been circulating the internet over the past few weeks. It is true, the Gallus Lad has returned.


I’m sure you are all, understandably, very excited about this fact.

…so excited that it may even take an industrial sized fan to dry off your underwear.

(I have done my homework and can suggest a good option HERE.)


Can you believe it has been three full months since my last post?

As you get older, it is seriously scary how time can fly when you are not watching the clock. I genuinely can’t believe how quickly the last three months have flown by. However, I guess I should probably start this slightly meaningless post by explaining my absence for the last few months?


I’d like to think of myself as a pretty self-aware individual; and freely admit that in 2016 my reliability with posting articles has been poor (to say the least). The reason for my sudden and unannounced disappearance in March is, honestly, that I had some personal stuff to sort out.

I had aspects of my life I had to flush out of my system, and drastic life changes that I needed to welcome with welcome arms. I won’t be giving you specifics at this stage, because, I mean, c’mon, I don’t even give my real name…

(…but I’m sure details for these developments will filter into my writing.)


I guess what I am trying to say is that sometimes life is more important than blogging.

Unfortunately, March was one of these times for me.


So what updates CAN I give you?

  • I have a new job (still in Digital Marketing)
  • I have a new home (still in Glasgow)
  • I’ve dedicated more time to getting myself back in shape.
  • I haven’t slapped Terrance Stamp yet


This is the first time I have broken the last three months down like this. In retrospect, I feel I have done quite well for myself!

I hope that you can understand that with all of these major life changes taking place at once, coupled with the consistent tracking of Terrance Stamp’s weekly schedule, I didn’t really leave much time for blogging. I probably could have provided you with sub-par, erratically timed, articles full of frustration…but no one really has interest in that. Do they?


All I can do now is start writing again.


I’m really excited about all of the new projects I have coming up over the next few months.

Although I haven’t been writing, I can promise you I never stopped writing down ideas. I now have a backlog of excellent projects to deliver to you all over the next six months.


Thank you for your patience!

I hope you are all still smiling.


G. x


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