Travel Tips from Travel Bloggers

Despite the only recent creation of Gallous Lad, I have been writing and creating content for external websites and blogs for a number of years now.

Throughout this journey, I have had the privilege of meeting a whole host of incredible writers…and more importantly, incredible people. These writers have gathered experience and expertise in a multitude of different sectors including food, music, fashion and travel.

I decided it would be interesting to pull on these resources to deliver the Top Tips from these sectors.


Today I bring to you the top tips from some of my favourite travel bloggers … and myself!



Gallous Lad

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“I guess my top tip would be a simple one; a while back I purchased duplicates of all my necessary chargers from the pound store … these stay in my travel bag at all times … that way, I never forget a charger again.”


Stéphanie Langlet

View Stephanie’s Blog

“You should always answer “I have no plan yet” when someone asks you about your plan (you’ll be invited everywhere).

Take the local buses to be with local people … but the early ones. If you’re fired from a bus as I was in the Vietnamese mountains, you’ll still have plenty of time to catch another one!”



Vinh Nguyen

View Vinh’s Blog

“Sometimes you need to put the guidebook into your backpack, and just get lost wandering.

The beauty of spotting something beautiful hidden somewhere in the corner surely makes your day!”



Evan Palogan

View Evan’s Blog

“Speak to fellow tourists and hear their stories.

It is inspiring to hear their about their best experiences and…the worst too.

For me it is a learning moment because you’ll start to hear from their voices when something is exciting and what they are truly fond of or what they are passionate about.”



Ajay Sood

View Ajay’s Blog

“As a Travel Photographer, my favourite is to ask the guide the best vantage to shoot the landmark/attraction from. Rather than only seeing the attraction, my interest lies in photographing it in a delectable manner!”


Valentina Rago

View Valentina’s Blog

“Eat with the locals when possible and try their food!!

That way you can really understand the culture of the country you’re visiting and experience how they really live.”

IF you are interested in travel, you may want to check out my recent trip to the beautiful village of Culross in Scotland.


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